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I am delighted to be one of the founders at Village Yoga at Tannery Brook in Gorham, ME.  At our studio, we provide a welcoming space for every body to explore and enjoy yoga.


See the article in the Gorham Times:

At the Village Yoga location, I am teaching the following classes:

Vinyasa for All - Monday 5:30 p.m.

Connect to your body in this 50 minute flow class linking breath and movement.  Each session will include standing and seated postures, pranayama, meditation,  relaxation, and inspiration from the world around us.  Options and modifications will be offered for all levels through this lively moving meditation.   


Morning Energy Flow -Thursday 9:00 a.m. 

Start your day with a 50 minute morning flow of standing and seated postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation.  Drawing inspiration from the natural world, we will connect with our bodies and the changes around us.  Modifications will be offered to accommodate all levels.   

To reserve a spot in a class, email:

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